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Star guest remit
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I am a retailer

A high starting point, high input to ensure lead; The upgrade effect, reduce the cos

I am engage in freight supplier

To speed up the transaction efficiency, reduce transaction costs, create channels with the least amount of expenses

Star liyuan fast-moving consumer goods supply chain platform is a kind of intercity circulation
The business flow, logistics, information flow, cash flow for the integration of the supply chain platform。

Including intelligent efficient large-scale distribution center。

For the majority of small and medium-sized retailers, including FMCG procurement and distribution, a comprehensive range of support services。

Give full play to the scale of operations and intelligence, information operations bring benefits and advantages, for the modernization process of Chinese traditional circulation system。

Is the developed countries advanced technology and experience combined with China's circulation and the specific situation of the electronic commerce environment and gives birth to a new business model。

Star guest remit idea: trace, integrity, innovation and efficientStar guest remit idea: trace, integrity, innovation and efficient.

Star guest remit - full name "star liyuan customer service club" English "SYNERGiCLUB" is the star liyuan group "one-stop priced direct marketing platform for users to get more consumer interests, enjoy better professional services enable customers to client organizations。


Star friends hui will through various forms of membership activities for all members in the commodity procurement, logistics, finance, marketing, consumption, etc, to provide good humanity, a full range of services and good interactive relationship between customer platform。

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Star liyuan business logistics group (hereinafter referred to as "star source") based on a controlled by the parent star liyuan


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